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Appeals (Generally)
(a) An applicant, landowner or other aggrieved person may appeal the decision of an official responsible for enforcement of the city's zoning ordinance or building codes, as designated by city charter, ordinance or other authorization of the city, applying a regulation or standard to the construction, renovation, maintenance, or other alteration of a residential or commercial building, which application is asserted to be prohibited by section 14.03.002, in the following manner:
(1) If the decision applies a requirement of a building code, to the building board of appeals, or if there is no building board, to the zoning board of adjustment; or
(2) If the decision applies a requirement of the zoning ordinance, to the zoning board of adjustment.
(b)The appeal shall identify the provision or provisions which the appellant alleges to have been applied in violation of § 14.03.002: Prohibitions on enforcement. The appeal shall be filed, processed and decided in the manner provided for appeals by the appellate entity herein designated.