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Usable Open Space - Multifamily Residence
Each lot or parcel of land which is used for multiple-family residences shall provide on the same lot or parcel of land usable open space (as defined in § 372.101 and § 372.98), in accordance with the table below:
Number of Bedrooms or Sleeping Rooms  
1 or Less 600 square feet
Each Additional Bedroom Over 1 300 square feet

In those instances where a parcel of land has been zoned for multifamily use with a Specific Use Permit or Planned Development classification and the permitted densities do not conform exactly with those permitted in the MF District, usable open space shall be provided in accordance with that required for the multifamily zoning district which most closely approximates the density permitted under the SUP or PD.

In meeting this requirement, a credit of three (3) square feet may be applied for each square foot utilized for swimming pools and adjacent decks, patios, or lounge areas within ten (10) feet of a pool; developed and equipped children's play areas; and usable portions of recreational buildings. Tennis courts are specifically excluded from this increased credit allowance. At the time of site plan approval, the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council may allow a credit not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the total required usable open space for adjacent and immediately accessible public parks. The combined credit for areas calculated at a three-to-one basis and for public parks shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total usable open space for an individual lot or parcel of land.

At the time of site plan approval, the City Council may give full or partial credit for open areas that exceed the maximum slope, if it is determined that such areas are environmental significant and that their preservation would enhance the development.